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Looking for a call center of Philippines origin? PNI Call Center can help you. PNI Contact Center Solutions can consult or provide you services relating to the operation of a call center in the philippines. Basing an offshore call center in the philippines has many advantages. Experienced, call center savvy staff are easy to find in the philippines. The call center industry in the philippines is mature, well developed and yet remains economically viable.


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The Philippine Call Center Advantage

Considered by most in the industry to be the premier location for outsourced contact center services, the Philippines offers unique advantages in the offshore call center market:

Call Center Outsourcing to the Philippines

Basing your call center in the Philippines has several advantages: Inexpensive labor pool, Mature telecommunications infrastructure, and the BEST english language accents of the three major offshore call center outsourcing countries.


The English proficient Philippine population (80 million+) enjoys a 95% literacy rate with a strong American orientation. Public schools teach English, many of the radio and TV stations deliver media exclusively in English and all leading newspapers publish in English. The dominance of English media sources ensures the highest level of accent neutrality and conversational proficiency for the Philippines among all the major offshore call center outsourcing countries.

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Human Resources
  • The Philippines graduates over 70,000 engineers and 100,000 computer science majors annually, giving it the fastest growing pool of IT manpower among the call center outsourcing countries.
  • The Philippines adopts US accounting and legal business practices, bolstering its position as a source for a quality workforce suited for complex customer interactions involving these fields.
  • Expat-friendly lifestyle and culture ensures good availability of high quality middle management staff.

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Telecom Infrastructure

The Philippines hosts a modern, reliable and cost effective telecommunications infrastructure. Its telecommunications industry was deregulated in 1997 and subsequent massive international investments have upgraded its telecoms infrastructure to world-class standards.

  • Widespread deployment of submarine cable systems in South East Asia and advances in communications compression technology have now dramatically reduced the cost and increased the reliability of global telephony and data transmission services.
  • Businesses in the Philippines enjoy access to state-of-the-art facilities at the most affordable rates in Asia.
  • The Philippines is interconnected to 8 major international fibre optic submarine systems.

Basing Call Centers in the Philippines

PNI Call Center has extensive experience in managing logistics for a call center in the philippines. Contact us for your Philippines based call center requirements.

Legislative Framework

The Philippine government promotes the call center outsourcing industry via liberal policies such as an 8-year grace period on taxes.