Philipine Call Centers

HelloPNI offers staffing services to Philippine call centers and customer contact solutions services providers. We offer call centers outsourcing, management and consultancy services.

Philippine Call Centers Outsourcing Philippine Call Centers Outsourcing, Management and Consultancy

We offer call centers staffing and outsourcing solutions to the Philippine call centers and customer contact centers industry. Outsource your call centers and customer contact solutions requirements to India, Philippine and Sri Lanka today.

Call Center Staffing Services

Our services include the entire call centers staffing process from recruitment, training, program supervision to quality assurance. We handle the whole staffing process from beginning to end.

Philippine Call Centers

The Philippine country is considered by most in the call center industry to be the premier location for outsourced call centers services, the Philippine call centers industry offer unique advantages in the offshore call centers market. The dominance of English media sources ensures the highest level of accent neutrality and conversational proficiency for the Philippine among all the major call center outsourcing countries. The Philippines graduates over 70,000 engineers and 100,000 computer science majors annually, giving it the fastest growing pool of IT manpower among the call center outsourcing countries. The Philippine adopts US accounting and legal business practices, bolstering its position as a source for a quality workforce suited for complex customer interactions involving these fields.